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About CLIMB Digital Business

I'm Dai jones and I created CLIMB Digital Business after 25 years in Marketing and Business Develoment with companies from Startups to Global Leaders in their field.
As a former software developer and consultant, I've always seen technology as a powerful tool to help solve real-world challenges.
My Mission is to combine technology, knowledge and experience to help your business achieve its growth objectives by creating winning marketing systems.

What we do for your Business

CLIMB Digital Business provides ideas, advice and expertise to help you improve three things for your business - Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Customer Development.
Find new customers for your business using our individually tailored Customer Acquisition programme including Lead Generation, Automated Follow-up and Enquiry-to-Close campaigns.
Repeat customers are a great source of future income. We'll help you build a Content Marketing and Engagement programme to keep your customers returning. Don't miss out on this ready made revenue stream.
Ensure maximum income from your existing customer base with cross-marketing, product launch and upselling campaigns.