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Ideas to Help Your Marketing

These articles are designed to provide ideas, insight and inspiration for marketing that will best help achieve your Business Development goals.

Start with a Plan

How to create a winning marketing strategy

We all need a Plan

“Failing to plan is planning to Fail.”
How many times have we all heard that little gem of wisdom during our working lives?
Experience has shown me that the opposite is also true: creating and executing a strong plan guarantees success.
It’s how my team and I turned a $2m failing business into a $12m success story.

The Power of Email

(And why you should give your best ideas away)

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

“People buy from you for one of 4 reasons…”
This was a powerful lesson that I learnt very early in my business development career.
I worked for a great manager, Colin – one of the best business development leaders I have known. He was always ready to listen; always ready to show you the way forward. He was a man whom you felt comfortable asking advice.
It was Colin who taught me that very useful lesson.
“People buy from you for one of 4 reasons:

The many ways to follow-up an enquiry

It's All About Follow-Up

Why proper follow-up helps convert more Enquiries into Sales

We all want more sales for our business, right?

Let me tell you a story about a typical consumer…
I’m a boat owner - a 35 foot sailing boat called Poohstix – and I always have a number of boat related projects or ideas on the go.
Some of these are immediate maintenance-type projects – like repairing a temperamental fridge or servicing a squeaky winch.
Some are necessary but non-urgent requirements – right now, we’re considering a new sail for the boat.